If someone needs a sexual offence solicitor

When someone is arrested and accused of committing a sex crime their world can suddenly appear to become a very small place. They may not know who they can trust or where they can turn to for help and support. The question of if a person is guilty or innocent is a major question to ask when they are accused of committing a sex crime such as sexual assault, rape, or grooming. It needs to be remembered that the legal system of the United Kingdom allows everyone accused of any crime to be represented so they can put forward a defence and they are innocent until proven guilty.

While there has been an increase in the number of successful prosecutions of those who have committed sex crimes in the United Kingdom it needs to be clearly understood that not everyone who is accused of committing these types of crimes is guilty. Unfortunately, there are still some people who will make false or wrongful allegations and this is damaging those who have genuine cases that need to be investigated.

The issue is that while wrongful allegations may hinder the investigation of real cases where a crime has occurred it can also ruin the life of an innocent person, costing them their families, careers, and freedom in the worst-case scenario. If someone is arrested for committing a sex crime then it is vital that they engage the appropriate legal representation by hiring a sexual offence solicitor, especially if they are innocent.

Establishing the facts

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There is a lot that goes into building a case against anyone who has been accused of committing a sexual offence, statements need to be taken and the evidence needs to be collected. Once a person is arrested on the suspicion of committing a sex crime they will be taken to a police station to be processed and interviewed. They should only give their name and address and then wait to be interviewed once they have proper legal representation, which they can choose to contact via using the phone call they will be entitled to or the police can contact on a person’s behalf.

The building of a case against someone can take time to put together before it is sent to the crown prosecution service to see if the case is taken to court. During this time it is important that the accused has no contact with the accuser as this can create further complications within the case. If the person accused is innocent they should remember that the United Kingdom has an extremely robust policing system that is more than capable of bringing the truth to the front of a situation.

The progress of a case

As the case progresses the legal team that has been appointed by the accused will be kept up to date about the findings, this will be fed back to the person who is accused, and this acted upon in an appropriate manner.

If the case goes forward to trial it is important that the client remains calm and maintains the services of the solicitor they appointed, as this will allow them to be represented fairly and could help to bring about an outcome that will favour the accused.

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