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Law and Liberty Blog is a site by law experts for people curious about the details, history and latest developments on everything related to legal matters. If you’ve ever been curious about anything relating to civil and federal laws, our legal blog will cover it.

The Complexities of the Law

Law can be confusing, especially for laymen. It covers several branches of practice, from criminal law and civil rights law to business law and property law, among a host of others. You may encounter situations that call for at least surface knowledge on these matters in your everyday life. However, consulting a lawyer can be time consuming and expensive. 

If you just want a basic background on legal matters, Law and Liberty Blog can provide you with the information you’re looking for.

Staying Updated

The law isn’t a monolithic entity. It’s always changing to reflect new laws, new precedents and other developments. Keeping up with all these changes is key to being a professional in the legal world. If you want to keep abreast of these changes, Law and Liberty Blog covers these topics. 

From news on potential changes in federal policies to developments in famous cases across America, our legal blog will have the knowledge you need.

Our Authors

Blair Michelson

Blair spends his time between advancing his career in law and taking care of his kids. After 10 years in the legal scene, Blair knows just about everything about civil legislature and lawsuits.

Laura Jimenez

Laura is a paralegal and perennial coffee enthusiast. She reads up on federal law occasionally when she’s not busy pursuing her hobbies. Laura specializes in federal court procedures and Supreme Court minutiae.

Ada Chen

Ada’s background in corporate and private property disputes makes sure she’s always running around between different companies. If she had more free time, Ada wants to learn more about criminal law to better round out her profile.

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