A Short List of Law Fields and What You Should Know About Them

The law is commonly defined as the system of rules that govern society to encourage proper behavior. Penalties are imposed if laws are not observed well. Penalties range from fines, community services to lifetime imprisonment, depending on the weight of the crime or violation. Law exists so that peace and order prevail in the land. Without it, there will be little to no order.

Law exists in different fields to regulate that particular field. In this post, you will learn about the various fields of law and how each area handles everything it encompasses.

Civil Rights Law

As the name implies, civil rights law ensures that people’s fundamental human rights are enforced. This includes equality and protection from discrimination against age, gender, religion, ethnicity, race, and other personal characteristics. Civil rights include the right to vote, the right to a public trial, the right to use government services, and the right to public education. Civil rights are different from natural rights as they have to be given by the state.

Criminal Law

Criminal law refers to the system of law responsible for the punishment of individuals who committed crimes. Criminal law determines the forms of punishment applied to the offender, defines criminal offenses, what happens when an individual receives criminal charges, and fixes penalties. The sentence given to individuals who commit crimes is dependent on how grave their offense is.

Labor Law

Labor law is the system of law that governs workplace practices. It handles matters such as employment, cases regarding union arbitration, industrial relations, and the government. It ensures that employees’ grievances are solved and that the law enforces their rights and dues in the workplace. Employees can approach the governing body that handles labor-related issues. They will serve as the mediator between the employer and the employee.

formal law

Family Law

Family law involves dealing with matters relating to the family. Cases often involve prenuptial agreements, surrogacy, domestic violence, in vitro fertilization (IVF), juvenile justice issues, child welfare, adoptions, and divorce. In matters relating to family law, it’s wise to hire a family lawyer because they will represent you on your behalf. A family lawyer knows what’s best for you and your family.

Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law refers to the system of law that handles physical, mental, and emotional injury that another party causes. A personal injury lawyer ensures that you get the justice you deserve by analyzing the basis of your claim and filing the case accordingly. For example, in a car accident, the other party can easily claim that you caused the accident instead of the other way around. You can seek the assistance of the personal injury lawyer to investigate what happened, help you ascertain your rights, and get what you are entitled to.

How the Law Can Help You

The law ensures that there is peace and order across all sectors of society. Lawyers dedicate their entire professional lives to specialize in these different fields to defend your rights in court. Injustices happen almost every day, and clueless people are the primary victims of these injustices. As ordinary individuals have limited knowledge of their rights, lawyers will help them get their due. Lawyers are called for their services so that the people get everything to which they are entitled.

Why You Need a Lawyer

Acquiring the services of a lawyer might cost you, but it’s better than not knowing what the law can do to help you in your predicament. It’s also wise to learn your civil rights because it’s a right with which every citizen is born. Having a basic knowledge of your rights and the different fields of law can help in situations where quick thinking is necessary. You can immediately assert your right then and there, and you won’t need a lawyer for something so basic. You can find more information in books and online to help you get started. But you’ll never go wrong if you get the correct legal representation.


Laws exist so society can function correctly. But the justice can be a challenging jungle to navigate, especially to those who do not know their rights. A top-level understanding of how the law can protect you can only do so much. However, getting the proper representation is one step closer to achieving a favorable judgment. Whether you have questions about your civil rights, testy situations with your employer or your family, or seek compensation for when a third party inflicts an injury upon you—you’ll always be in a better position when you seek legal representation.

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