Important Questions to Ask An Attorney

The attorney you hire can make or break your case. Hence, before hiring an attorney there are a few essential questions that you must ask them as discussed in the video. How the attorney answers the questions will confirm for you if they are in a position to handle your case.

The first question should always be who specifically will be handling your case. You want to deal with a person who has the right qualifications.

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Some law firms have employed specific people to source clients for their law firms. You want assurance that the person handling your case is qualified in that specific legal area.

Ask the attorney if they have ever handled a case like yours and your chances for success. If the attorney has handled a case like yours before, they will already have a game plan. The attorney will be in a position to cover all the loopholes even before going to court. An attorney who is honest can even tell you if your case is difficult.

You want to know the costs involved. Is it possible for the attorney to give you an estimate of the total cost? That way you can beforehand if you can afford an attorney. Enquire if there are others who will be working on your case and what the charges will be.

Because court cases can be expensive, you need to confirm that the attorney you’re hiring is qualified. Asking the necessary questions will ensure that you don’t lose your case. The way the attorney answers your questions will let you know if you’re after the same goals.


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