Volume 5

No. 1

 Natural Rights and the Ninth Amendment: How Does Lockean Legal Theory Assist in Interpretation?, by Michael W. McConnell

Unconstitutionality of Slavery in the District of Columbia, by Lysander Spooner

Securing the “Blessings of Liberty” for All: Lysander Spooner’s Originalism, by Helen J. Knowles

Against Freewheeling Extratextual Obstacle Preemption: Is Justice Clarence Thomas the Lone Principled Federalist?, by Catherine M. Sharkey

Privileges, Immunities, and Substantive Due Process, by Timothy Sandefur

Procedural History: The Development of Summary Judgment as Rule 56, by Ilana Haramati

The Power of the Purchaser: The Effect of Indirect Purchaser Damages Suits on Deterring Antitrust Violations, by Andrew S. Gehring


No. 2

Transitions into—and out of—Liberal Democracy, by Stephen F. Williams

The Johnson-Jeffries Fight and Censorship of Black Supremacy, by Barak Y. Orbach

Reckless Caution: The Perils of Judicial Minimalism, by Tara Smith

Federal Philosophy of Science: A Deconstruction—And a Reconstruction, by Susan Haack

An Iconoclastic Attack on the Antitrust Community: A Review of Edwin S. Rockefeller's The Antitrust Religion, by Tefft W. Smith

Dead or Alive: The Future of U.S. Assassination Policy Under a Just War Tradition, by Stephen Knoepfler

Corsairs in the Crosshairs: A Strategic Plan to Eliminate Modern Day Piracy, by Alexandra Schwartz

Shrinking the Internet, by Philip A. Wells

No. 3

Commandeering the People: Why the Individual Health Insurance Mandate Is Unconstitutional, by Randy E. Barnett

How Many Global Deaths from Arms? Reasons to Question the 740,000 Factoid being used to Promote the Arms Trade Treaty, by David B. Kopel, Paul Gallant & Joanne D. Eisen

Constitutional Interpretation and the Bill of Rights, with Randy Barnett, Burt Neuborne, and Judge Diarmuid F. O'Scannlain

Judicial Politics and Medical Device Preemption After Riegel, by Samuel Raymond