Volume 4

No. 1

Property Rights, State of Nature Theory, and Environmental Protection, by Richard A. Epstein

Property and Freedom, by D. Benjamin Barros

Explaining Natural Rights: Ontological Freedom and the Foundations of Political Discourse, by Jonathan Crowe

Incorporating the Procedural Justice Model into Federal Sentencing Jurisprudence in the Aftermath of United States v. Booker: Establishing United States Sentencing Courts, by Adam Lamparello


No. 2

The Invisible Hook: The Law and Economics of Pirate Tolerance, by Peter T. Leeson

The Charade of Tradition-Based Substantive Due Process, by John C. Toro

The FISA Wall and Federal Investigations, by Cedric Logan

Libel Tourism Laws: Spoiling the Holiday and Saving the First Amendment?, by Sarah Staveley-O'Carroll

Civil Rights: The Heller Case, participants being Nelson R. Lund, Clark Neily, Lucas A. Powe, Jr., Adam Winkler, and moderated by the Honorable Diarmuid F. O'Scannlain

The Roberts Court and Federalism, participants being the Honorable Paul D. Clement, the Honorable Walter E. Dellinger III, Dean John C. Eastman, Jeffrey Rosen, and moderated by the Honorable David B. Sentelle

Thomas Cooper, Early American Public Intellectual, Introduction by Eugene Volokh

Elizabeth Ryland Priestley, Early American Author on Free Speech, Introduction by Eugene Volokh

Preface, by Thomas Cooper

Observations on the Fast Day, by Thomas Cooper and Elizabeth Ryland-Priestley

Extract from a Speech of Mr. Erskine on the Doctrine of Libel, by Thomas Cooper

On the Sedition Bill, by Thomas Cooper

On Political Nicknames, by a Country Man and A Citizen

Address to the Readers of the Sunbury and Northumberland Gazette, June 29, 1799, by Thomas Cooper

Political Arithmetic No. I, by Thomas Cooper

Political Arithmetic No. II, by Thomas Cooper

On the Comparative Conduct of France and Great Britain in the Present War, by Thomas Cooper

On the Propriety and Expediency of Unlimited Enquiry, by Thomas Cooper and Elizabeth Ryland Priestley


No. 3

An Introduction to the NYU Journal of Law & Liberty Symposium, "The Unknown Justice," by Richard H. Pildes

Remarks- Justice Thomas, The Person, by the Hon. David B. Sentelle

Which Original Meaning of the Constitution Matters to Justice Thomas?, by Gregory E. Maggs

Pragmatic Originalism?, by Samuel Issacharoff

Clarence Thomas's Jurisprudence Unexplained, by Timothy Sandefur

The Liberal Justice Thomas: An Analysis of Justice Thomas's Articulation and Application of Classical Liberalism, by Adam J. Hunt

Clarence X?: The Black Nationalist Behind Justice Thomas's Constitutionalism, by Stephen F. Smith

"But for the Grace of God There Go I": Justice Thomas and the Little Guy, by Nicole Stelle Garnett

Why I Admire Justice Thomas, by the Hon. Robert S. Smith

 Much Ado About Nothing? A Comparison of the Individual Rights Provided by the FISA and Title III Notice and Civil Remedy Provisions, by David Boyd