Adler's Final Word on DOMA

Today in a blog entitled "DOMA and Definitions- a Final Comment" posted on the Volokh Conspiracy, Jonathan H. Adler posited the following:
The ultimate question in the DOMA litigation is whether Congress has a legitimate federal interest in having a particular definition of marriage that supports the traditional form, and whether this interest is sufficient to justify the differential treatment (and disregard of marriages recognized under state law) that DOMA produces. One might have a definition so that we can know what the words mean in federal statutes, and yet still not be able to defend them with the same interests that a state might assert (as I explained here). In order to strike down DOMA, the Court need not conclude that federal law must forever and always accept state law definitions. All it needs to do is recognize that defining marriage is a traditional function of the states, not the federal government, and, as a consequence, there is no federal interest sufficient to justify DOMA.
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