Freedom Friday: The Best Links of the Week


The Mirage of Racism - Richard A. Epstein, Law & Liberty Faculty Advisor, argues that the Supreme Court should strike down the Voting Rights Act and rein in Attorney General Eric Holder.

A History Lesson from Clarence Thomas - Damon W. Root, Reason, corrects a liberal smear about the conservative Supreme Court justice.

Extending Social Security and Medicare Eligibility Ages - Judge Richard Posner, The Becker-Posner Blog, responds to his colleague Gary Becker's blog post.

The Legitimizing of Rand Paul - Ross Douthat, New York Times, discusses Sen. Rand Paul's increased influence following his noteworthy filibuster.

Why Anti-Fracking Environmentalist Are Holding Back the US - John Stossel, Reason, illuminates the gap between Hollywood's negative portrayal of fracking and the actual facts.

Lawsuit Charges Ed Department with violating student privacy rights - Valerie Strauss, Washington Post, details the latest suit against the U.S. Department of Education.

EEOC to Employer: Hire Criminals or Be Sued - Wendy McElroy, The Freeman, opines on the negative effects of the the EEOC's stance on employers' usage of criminal background checks.

President Coolidge and the Laffer Curve - John P. Cochran, Ludwig von Mises Institute, reveals how the Laffer Curve is older than we think.

Codify the Drone War - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post, details his stance on the need for codified rules regarding U.S. drone usage.