David Axelrod on Vinson Health Care Ruling

The Journal is this month publishing Prof. Randy Barnett's paper on the unconstitutionality of the individual health care mandate, pending a few revisions to his paper he is making in lieu of Judge Vinson's decision yesterday, holding the health care mandate to be unconstitutional.

In the meantime, the political spin has already produced some interesting quotes.  Outgoing White House senior adviser David Axelrod produced this line:  
I'm not a lawyer, but I will tell you that I think that many lawyers are very dubious about that [health reforms unconstitutionality and non-severability]. The role of the courts is not to look for expansive opportunities to invalidate an act of Congress -- it is to rule narrowly as possible and leave intact the intent of the legislation....
Now, I admire David Axelrod and thought his ability as an advisor to then-Senator Obama during his presidential campaign was remarkable, and I have to admire his gumption here,but the role of the Courts is, quite bluntly, to rule on the constitutionality of government action.  If the intent behind a piece of legislation is unconstitutional--as many other lawyers are arguing about health reform--it arguably should not matter whether the Court is producing a narrow ruling or not.