Supreme Court Hears Arguments on California Video Game Bill

SCOTUSblog has a good summary of today's oral arguments before the Supreme Court in Schwarzenegger v. Entertainment Merchants Association (08-1448) on a California bill prohibiting the sale of violent video games to minors:
Seeming to sense that violent video games are a problem for young children, but also sensing that a sweeping law that bans them for everyone under age 18 probably isn’t the answer, the Court appeared poised to nullify a broad California law regulating access to such games.
Despite a rigorous--and FTC approved--self-regulation regime for video games, states have continually attempted to restrict the sale of violent video games.  Until the Supreme Court decided to hear California's version, federal district courts have continually ruled such laws unconstitutional, often awarding substantial legal fees to the Entertainment Software Association.

The fundamental problem is that these legislative efforts almost immediately touch upon the First Amendment.  As Justice Scalia immediately pointed out, the Grimm's fairy tales are also "quite grim," but no one proposes banning them.