Libertarian Candidate for Governor and JLL Founder Robert Sarvis Shakes Things Up in Virgina

Recent polling shows that Robert Sarvis, a libertarian candidate for governor in Virginia and the founder of the Journal of Law & Liberty , is having quite the impact on the gubernatorial race.  Picking up as much as 10% of likely voters in a Harper poll and 8% in a NBC/Marist poll conducted yesterday, Sarvis' campaign surely is complicating things for Virginia voters, as well as the two front-runners in the race, Terry McAuliffe (D) and Ken Cucinelli (R). 


According to his website, Sarvis's agenda focuses on both personal and economic freedom.  Sarvis supports keeping the government away from guns and out of marriage: an ideological consistency currently absent in our two-party system.  And while with only 10% of the vote at this stage in the race it seems unlikely Sarvis will be able to overtake either McAuliffe and Cucinelli, it is noteworthy that a libertarian candidate is even having moderate succcess in a major gubernatorial race. And who knows, the election isn't until November 5.  Perhaps reason will prevail over partisanship in the land of Jefferson.