Tell Chicken Little to Relax: the USPS will continue Saturday Delivery

Today, the United States Post Office announced that it will abandon its effort to permanently suspend Saturday mail delivery. The proposed change would have saved the USPS, which lost approximately $16 billion last year, an estimated $2 billion annually. 

We truly are living in an interesting period in American political history. The Post Office is floundering (to the tune of $16 billion in annual losses), yet Congress cannot stomach allowing the agency to cut Saturday delivery service. While UPS and FedEx continue to increase their market shares in the parcel delivery industry, the Post Office is resigned to becoming an anachronism. If the Federal government is unwilling to allow a failing, and increasingly obsolete, agency to cut costs it seems nearly impossible that we will see any serious reforms to other government entities which have dire financial problems and more passionate's looking at you SSA and Medicare.

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