Why You Must Support Obamacare

Thomas Warns*

Don’t believe your own eyes or ears. You may have heard a lot in the news over the past few weeks about how Obamacare has been a massive flop. I’m here to tell you not to think about it. Let me explain to you why the critics are wrong.

The Affordable Care Act will be a tremendous success – who could be against a law providing affordable care for Americans? And I further know it will be a success because none other than the President of the United States has said so.

Yes it might be true that the President lied when he said the “shared responsibility payments” weren’t a tax, and it might be true that the President lied when he said if you liked your healthcare plan and doctor you could keep them, but what is truth in a fight for justice? The President couldn’t risk telling the truth to the American people, because they might not have liked it. A few white lies will be quickly forgotten since the President knows what is best for all of us.

Can you really trust those crazy Republicans and tea-partiers to do what’s right? They are so fixated on the $17,000,000,000,000 national debt that they can’t even see the wisdom of intervening into a multi-trillion dollar market in order to force Americans to buy more expensive health insurance that would be partially paid for with generous subsidies for low-income Americans! Despite reports from the Government Accountability Office saying otherwise, President Obama has given us his word that the Affordable Care Act won’t add a dime to the national debt, just like Social Security and Medicare. While I doubt the President is lying again, if he is, he sure has a good reason to do so for the greater good.

The Obamacare rollout hasn’t been perfect, but you can blame the Republicans for sabotaging it at every stage. A wise Democrat-majority Congress passed the Affordable Care Act in 2010 without a single Republican vote. The Act includes provisions whereby states can make their own healthcare exchanges, or allow the federal government to operate one for them. Making one of these exchanges is simple, evidenced by the federal government’s rollout, but 36 states, including tea-party hot beds like Illinois and Vermont, decided to allow the federal government to create exchanges for them. If they were really team players, they would have made superior healthcare exchanges at the state level rather than allowing the law as written to run its course. Why would supposed states’ rights Republicans in all of these states refuse to act with the federal government holding a gun to their heads and screaming “do this now, or we will do it for you!”? The only explanation is bad faith on their part.

One thing the President does need from you is more time. Imposing a one-size fits all national solution to a massive and complex national marketplace isn’t easy. With only three and a half years to prepare, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there have been some glitches on the healthcare.gov site. We couldn’t afford to delay opening the exchanges and make it look like the law wouldn’t work, even if the site contains glaring security risks and privacy intrusions, and gives customers false price estimates. Individual concerns are unimportant when compared to our overwhelming national interest.

The Constitution clearly states that healthcare is a fundamental right that everyone must be provided with courtesy of the federal government. Well then again maybe it doesn’t state that, but we shouldn’t have to pass an amendment to actually change what that document means in the first place. That right might include a pricey plethora of coverage options you think you don’t need, like pediatric care, maternity care, and substance abuse care, but I told you in the beginning not to think Dr. President Obama has done the thinking for you! Isn’t living in a nanny state easy?

 *Thomas Warns is a J.D. Candidate, class of 2015, at NYU School of law, Staff Editor on the NYU Journal of Law & Liberty , and author of the weekly column "Consider This a Warning."