Below is a PDF version of the Volume 8.1 of New York University Journal of Law & Liberty.

Volume 8.1 includes the Eighth Annual Friedrich A. von Hayek Lecture and features the JLL's first annual Supreme Court Review-Preview.  The Review-Preview consists of analysis by prominent legal scholars from across the country of important cases from this past term of the Supreme Court as well as cases coming up in the next term of the Court.  

The Eighth Annual Friedrich A. von Hayek Lecture

Freedom, Creativity, and Intellectual Property by Robert D. Cooter

Articles, Notes, and Commentary

Eminent Domain, Mortgage Backed Securities, and the Limits of the Takings Clause By M. Hampton Foushee

McDonald v. Chicago, Fourteenth Amendment Incorporation, and Judicial Role-Reversals by David T. Hardy

Amicus Curiae Brief: Elane Photography, LLC v. Willock by Eugene Volokh

Supreme Court Review-Preview: 2012-2014

Foreword: The Unfinished Business of the Supreme Court - An Introduction by Richard A. Epstein

Interstate Recognition of Same-Sex Marriage After Windsor by William Baude

The Kiobel Decision: The End of an Era by Fernando R. Tesón

Maryland v. King: The Supreme Court Fails the Fourth Amendment Test by Barry Friedman

Shelby County and the Vindication of Martin Luther King's Dream by Ilya Shapiro

Noel v. Canning v. NLRB: Should Courts Police the Recess Appointments Power? by Peter M. Shane

Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action and the Failed Attempt to Square a Circle by David E. Bernstein

Bond v. United States: Can the President Increase Congress's Legislative Power by Entering Into a Treaty? by Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz